Coach – Dillingham High School

A longtime and successful volleyball and basketball coach for Dillingham High School – Vic coached for over 20 years at Dillingham High School. While coaching both boys and girls basketball he had a career record of 317-155 with five conference championships. As a volleyball coach, his teams won eight conference championships. To his players, Vic was more than just their coach. “At times we would be gone for a week, flying in small planes to villages that many people will never see” remembers former player Gwen Gustafson Welch, “Vic was responsible for us in every way imaginable. He made sure we were safe and fed, had all our homework completed before returning home, presented ourselves and our town respectfully at all times and had fun.” Another former player, Helen Smeaton, stated, “For me personally he was also the father figure that I didn’t have at home and his daughter was my best friend so I experienced another side of him through his advice, guidance and presence in a large part of my personal life. For everyone, he was honest, fair, challenging and relentless in his efforts to make you the best you could be, but to also make you believe you could accomplish anything if you worked hard enough…all of us coached by Vic are strong, independent, capable women today”

After retiring from teaching, Vic has continued to spend summers in Dillingham helping out with both youth and adults recreational activities.