Bylaws of the Alaska High School Hall of Fame


The name of this organization shall be the Alaska High School Hall of Fame. The Alaska School Activities Association, Inc. (ASAA) is the sponsoring entity.


The ASAA Board of Directors has established the Alaska High School Hall of Fame to identify and honor in a permanent manner those individuals who have exhibited high ethical standards and integrity while achieving excellence in high school athletics and activities in the State of Alaska, and others who have distinguished themselves by virtue of exemplary contributions to the advancement of high school interscholastic athletics and activities in the state.


Section 1

A student-athlete, or student-activity participant becomes eligible for nomination five years following the date of his/her high school graduation. For exceptions, see Section 5 of this Article.

• A graduate of any current or former ASAA member school is eligible for nomination. A graduate of any diploma granting Alaskan high school that predated ASAA’s establishment in 1956 is also eligible for nomination.

• A student-athlete must have earned a minimum of two varsity letters in one sport, one letter in two sports, or brought recognition to the school by his/her high school athletic or activity accomplishments.

• An activity participant must have been a multi-year participant in interscholastic activities at his/her high school.

• An outstanding career as a student-athlete/activity participant must be followed by an exemplary life of community service and good character which reflects credit to the person, the school and society.

• Exemplary academic achievement shall be considered a desirable qualification.

Section 2

A coach, activity sponsor, contest official or school administrator becomes eligible for nomination five years after leaving high school interscholastic service or upon reaching the age of 65 by the nomination deadline. For exceptions, see Section 5 of this Article. There must be evidence of an outstanding career in the area of nomination and the candidate must have had a direct and significant impact on high school athletics and / or activities.

Section 3

Someone other than a student-athlete / activity participant, coach, activity sponsor, contest official or administrator is eligible for nomination within the Major Contributor Category providing he /she has made an extraordinary contribution that results in a significant benefit or reflects great credit to the school or to ASAA. The Selection Committee may recognize an organization or individual for exceptional service by awarding the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Section 4

No more than twelve individuals will be selected annually. There is no limit to the number of times a person may be nominated. No member, while serving on the Selection Committee, shall be eligible for nomination. If the Selection Committee chooses to give the Lifetime Achievement Award, it may be above and beyond the limit of awards as stated above in this section.

Section 5

Selection criteria regarding the lapse of time prior to nomination of a candidate may be waived by a 75 percent affirmative vote of the Selection Committee when exceptional circumstances warrant such a waiver. Exceptional circumstances may include, but are not limited to, death, illness, a disabling injury, completion of a lengthy career, national or other extraordinary honor, or other circumstances approved by the selection committee.


Section 1

Candidates to be inducted into the Alaska High School Hall of Fame will be selected by a Selection Committee. The Committee shall be composed of five Standing Members and eight Appointed Members. There shall be sensitivity to the gender balance of the committee as well as representation of the different areas of athletics and activities.

Six Appointed Members will represent each of the six regions of the state, and two Appointed Members will be at-large. Appointed Members shall serve two-year terms on a staggered rotation basis. Appointed Members shall serve no more than 2 consecutive full terms. If a vacancy occurs before an Appointed Member’s term has expired, a new member shall be appointed to fill the unexpired term and the time served to complete the term will not affect the member’s opportunity to subsequently serve 2 consecutive full terms.

Standing Members shall serve indefinitely representing four geographical areas of the state: Southeast, South central, Western/Northwestern, and Interior. These individuals may include current or retired coaches, school administrators, athletic/activity directors, corporate sponsors, contest officials or others who have made a significant contribution to interscholastic athletics/activities in Alaska.

The Executive Director or designee shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Committee.

Section 2

The Executive Director will appoint committee members with approval of the Board of Directors and consultation with current members of the Committee.

Section 3

The Selection Committee shall select a chairperson each year from among its membership. The chairperson will be responsible for setting meeting dates and times, and for administering the research and selection process.

Section 4

A quorum of the committee is 50 percent of the seated members at that time. Once a quorum is established, a candidate must receive a 75 percent affirmative vote of the Selection Committee. In the case where more than the maximum number of individuals receive the required 75 percent, the Selection Committee will rank order those nominees to make a final determination. In order to vote committee members must attend the meeting physically or via telecommunications. Proxy votes from absent Selection Committee members will not be allowed. Members not in attendance may give input, but not vote. Regions may send an alternate representative by contacting the ASAA Executive Director in advance.


The Selection Committee shall consider all nominees who meet the criteria for induction into the Alaska High School Hall of Fame. Anyone may submit nominations on an official nomination form which is available at the ASAA office or online at All nominations must be submitted to the ASAA office at the address specified on the form. Nomination deadlines will be determined by the Committee. Only those completed nominations received by the established deadline will be considered by the Committee. Unsuccessful complete applications will be carried over for two years.


The Executive Director shall make the announcement of those selected for induction into the Alaska High School Hall of Fame in a special release to the news media and the school community.

All inductees will be presented at a ceremony. The Hall of Fame induction activities will include a reception, public recognition and a formal ceremony

A plaque will be given to each new individual inductee and a commemorative plaque will be permanently displayed in the Alaska High School Hall of Fame at the ASAA office.

Candidates selected for induction into the Alaska High School Hall of Fame will be announced at the conclusion of the selection process.


Any member of the Alaska High School Hall of Fame may be removed for unethical conduct and / or behavior upon a 90 percent affirmative vote of a quorum of the current Selection Committee. Any member or designee of a member, who is subject to removal will be given the opportunity to submit a written statement on his/her own behalf prior to a vote of the Committee.


These bylaws may be amended by the ASAA Board of Directors upon a 90 percent affirmative vote of the Selection Committee quorum.

As of 2/19/2012
Revised 4/26/2016
Revised 2/13/2017
Revised 1/13/2019