Administrator, Teacher, ASAA Grant Coordinator
Anchorage School District

In a career spanning nearly half a century, Dr. Teresa Johnson taught, mentored, coached, coordinated, encouraged and inspired tens of thousands of Alaska high school students and educators. Among her accomplishments are: serving as the Executive Director of the Alaska Association of Student Governments and being elected as the first Alaskan to the National Association of Student Councils Advisory Board, helping bring girls athletics to the Anchorage School District and therefore the entire State of Alaska. As ASAA’s Grant Coordinator and community liaison she helped launch ASAA’s nationally acclaimed Play For Keeps – Win For Life Program. Additionally, Dr. Johnson served on the National Federation of High Schools Board of Directors while representing Region 4 on the ASAA Board of Directors. Through it all, Dr. Johnson has played pivotal roles in programs and initiatives that have enhanced, informed and improved the lives and futures of countless participants, while inspiring her fellow educators to greater heights.