Basketball, Hockey, Football, Track & Field
Anchorage School District

No one ever doubted Coach Earle Walker’s competitive spirit, and his teams always played to win. But it was equally clear that Coach Walker’s first priority as a coach and mentor was to help student-athletes grow and develop as outstanding young men and women beyond the sport they played. Coach Walker always emphasized ethics and fair play over won-loss records, and as many assistant coaches will attest, he always made time to encourage, mentor and empower his staff to grow and become better coaches. He believed that a big part of positive leadership was nurturing leadership in others, both players and staff. He believed that teaching came first, coaching second, and approached games as a report card that measured character and values as well as preparation and teamwork. It was never about individuals. Coach Walker believed that players should always represent team, school, family and community.

• Anchorage School District 1957-85, 1992-94
• Basketball 35 years, Hockey, Football, Track & Field