Athlete, XCR, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Kotzebue/Nikiski

Sam Hill

Sam Hill started his journey in the small community of Kiana, moved on to Kotzebue and eventually finished his high school career in Nikiski. Sam was a multi-sport athlete, often competing in two sports with overlapping seasons. In his senior year, he was a state finalist in track, state runner up in XCR, state championship in basketball and an All State player, state champion in wrestling and the only 3A boy named as the Anchorage Daily News Male Athlete of the Year. He also was a leader that demonstrated humility, supportive leadership and responsibility. Sam’s comments after being recognized as Male Athlete of the Year serve to validate his character: “I represent the hundreds of students athletes from bush Alaska that never got the chances I did; there are many more out there just like myself.”

Sam went on to the University of Oregon and walked on the XCR and track teams. He earned three letters while at UO and served as team captain for XCR. Currently, Sam works with ASRC promoting healthy living with the shareholders and applying his Environmental Science degree.