Susan B. English High School, Seldovia

Peter Hilts

Sports fans may look at Peter Hilts’ resume while attending Seldovia’s Susan B. English High and recognize the dedication it took to participate in wrestling and basketball for four years and track and field for two. He was also a regular contributor to the school’s band and choir programs as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.

Yet it’s the 1984 graduate’s role in the Alaska Association of School Governments (AASG) that likely made the greatest impression on his classmates, educators and family members.

Hilts is believed to be the only student in state history to be elected AASG Vice President and President, and serve as an officer for three years of high school. Student governments were in a time of great transition during Hilts’ tenure. AASG implemented a new constitution and successfully lobbied to have student representation on several statewide boards. Hilts helped grow student government throughout Alaska when the state issued grants to provide training to students in rural areas for the purpose of creating student governments in those schools. Known for being inclusive when it came to working with other students, Hilts genuinely reached out to others and made rural and urban students understand each other. He accomplished his AASG success while being an active leader in school, lettering four years in wrestling and basketball and earning all-state honors in band and choir.

Hilts hasn’t changed much since high school. He earned a B.A. and Masters in Education and has worked as a teacher, director of technology and principal of two schools. He currently works as principal of the largest charter school in Colorado. He is also working on his doctorate, focusing on the organization and administration of charter schools.

Hilts is a married father of six, including three adopted Ethiopian children.