ATHLETE – Robert Service High School

One of the few Alaskans to make it to the National Football League, Mark was an outstanding football player at Service High School. In fact, Mark was the first Alaskan born person to play in the NFL. Mark graduated from Service in 1984. He was named to the Cook Inlet Football All Conference Team as a line backer and as center. After high school, he played football at the University of Idaho.

After completing his college football career, Mark played in the National Football league. He was the starting right guard for the Washington Redskins for six years and starting left guard for the Denver Broncos for another six years. He played in two pro-bowls and won three super bowls. Mark’s football career was plagued by knee problems and other medical conditions. He underwent 29 surgeries and became a symbol of determination and perseverance. He attributes his determination to his parents who taught him to get out of bed, go to work and do a good job. He currently is a football analyst with “NFL Live” on ESPN and a sports writer for The Examiner.