ADMINISTRATOR – Anchorage School District and ASAA

An appropriate title for Les Wells is “Father of ASAA”. Les started his administrative career in Alaska as a principal of West Anchorage High School. He had a stellar career in Anchorage providing innovative changes and creative leadership. He was proud to be an administrator and was instrumental in establishing the Alaska Principals Association, serving as the Executive Director for a number of years. He was also on the National Association of School Principals Board of Directors for four years. Throughout his career he was considered a “caring” administrator, looking out for the interests of his students, teachers and colleagues.

In the early days of high school athletics, there were two organizations: one in Southeast and one in Western Alaska. The two organizations competed against each other in basketball. In 1965, Les worked hard enough to convince superintendents that a more formal arrangement needed to be made to govern the growing high school sports program. He became the first Executive Secretary of the Alaska High School Activities Association. In the beginning, the position was voluntary (1965-1971) but because of the leadership of Les Wells, it evolved into a full time functioning independent position. Les provided guidance and direction to ASAA, establishing the regional concept and guiding the organization through the Title IX reorganization. Les was a man with a vision and possessed the willingness, perseverance, intelligence and leadership to make it happen. The high school students, coaches, and others have greater opportunities because of his dedication.