First National Bank Alaska

For 15 years, First National Bank has played a significant and key role in supporting ASAA through title sponsorship of all ASAA championships and finals across the state. The bank saw the value of student participation and stepped up when ASAA was struggling financially following separation from State funding sources. The Bank has donated more than $1.25 million to ASAA as part of the sponsorship. FNB has taken an active and leading role in increasing interest and visibility of ASAA activities. The bank has created the First National Bowl trophy and First National traveling trophies for football and hockey championships respectively. Considerable and vigorous effort on the part of the bank has been directed toward media recognition of these events, as well as, March Madness Basketball and other championships and finals in all areas of ASAA competition.

FNB employees volunteer hundreds of hours to support ASAA events and activities, and the bank encourages this support. Bank employees also take leadership roles as members of committees that oversee the First National Bowl, First National Cup and March Madness Events.